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The Marketing "Trend" You Can't Ignore Anymore

After 2 years of testing automated conversations on Messenger, Facebook is about to confirm what we’ve been saying everyday since then about this industry..

But let's back up first:

When Facebook announced the ability to create chatbots on Messenger, we believed this would become a staple marketing channel.

Yet over the last 5 years, many marketers and businesses continued to speculate on it.

"It’s just a trend" or "My customers aren’t on Facebook" were just a few of the excuses we’ve heard.

But while they were complaining, we were producing ROI in new revenue for our clients…

Monick Halm

Real Estate Investor/Coach at

“We hired Heart to help in managing our membership site, marketing funnel, and advertising. I just got to thank her from the bottom of my heart because the Virtual Wealth Through Real Estate Event she helped launch for us brought in over $186,861.66 in sales in a 4-week period of promotion and advertising. She has the knowledge and expertise of scaling up conversion and how to move my target audience to action.
Thank you so much!!! Xoxo”

David Fedewa

Inventor/Coach at

“So we went from, I think we started working together in March 27th, my revenue was about $4,000. By July, it was about $12,000 per month and so that was a pretty big, amazing jump. And it was, I was still doing the same things I was doing. And obviously, Heart started working with us and made it a huge jump. I really put that all on Heart as what she did to help grow the business. You know, I wasn't necessarily doing much different. It was her that really put in the time and effort that took us from about $4,000 monthly revenue to $12,000. So that was a pretty, staggering growth over a short period of time that I didn't expect, I actually hope for. But, you know, it was pretty cool.”

Sara Nelson

“Working with Heart has made my life SO MUCH EASIER. Prior to utilizing Heart’s Facebook/Instagram Ads services, I had a Facebook page that I rarely, if ever really update with posts and promotions. I spent hours & hours each week working, which took me away from the work I love to do & the work that grows my business. Heart’s expertise on paid ads generating leads & sales for my affiliate products has allowed me to get back to doing the things that spark joy in me. She is a wealth of knowledge & offers constructive advice that has yielded results. I interviewed her & instantly I knew she was the right fit. Heart has a wealth of knowledge about social media marketing, especially in the ever-changing platform algorithms on what works & what doesn’t.”

Bridget Y.

Founder of Baby Formula Expert, Coach, Lactation Consultant & Course Creator

 “I have worked with Heart for over 3 years now! She has become an invaluable asset and a critical partner in my business. Heart applies her extensive expertise and takes initiative to generate sustainable growth. She also manages list growth efforts on my website where she has incorporated a diversified strategy that she constantly optimizes in the past year, we have experienced a scalable growth reaching almost 6.5K likes on YouTube and even more followers on our Facebook page, and obtaining over 10k emails - both from zero. AND now have successfully launched I attribute this to Heart’s expert and dedicated efforts. She is a Godsend!”

And all of the stats associated with chat marketing continued to point to a fundamental shift in consumer behavior:

The number of people using mobile messaging apps surpassed the number using social media apps in 2014
(Business Insider)

Consumers ages 18-34 said they prefer messaging channels over any other communication methods
(HeyWire Business)

94% of customers said they are more likely to buy again from a brand if it delivered a great customer experience over a messaging channel
(State of CX 2020)

The list goes on.

So why have so many marketers and businesses continued to ignore this opportunity to capitalize on shifting consumer behavior?

Regardless of the excuse, that’s all about to change.

Over the last 5 years, Facebook has paved the way for chat marketing by using Messenger as the first platform to test.

We all know that Facebook understands consumer behavior better than almost every company on the planet, and they have the data to back it up.

That’s why this next move is so important:

Facebook has launched this August 2021 automation for Instagram DM.

This means that Facebook tested and proved chatbot viability on Messenger, and is now expanding to their other platforms.

This is HUGE news, because it's a clear indicator of where the industry is continuing to go.

And the fact is...

Most businesses will have to be readily available on messaging apps in the next one to three years.

Consumers are going to not only want but expect that they can message a business on any channel they want.


Think of it this way:

You know how everybody expects a business to have a phone line and a website in 2021?

And if it didn’t, you’d be pissed-off at the least and completely avoid doing business with them at the worst?

That’s where we’re headed with messaging…

This is about to change business-to-people communication - forever. For both B2B and B2C.


That's why the launch of Instagram automation will force any marketer worth their salt to learn chat marketing...

Even if you don’t personally plan to deploy this type of marketing into your business, you need to at a minimum understand how it: 1) works, and 2) plays a role in a company’s marketing system.

See, Facebook has shared their plans for interoperability between Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for a few years now.

Imagine being able to do the following on the 3 largest messaging channels available:
Sell to your Customers
Provide Support
Generate and Qualify Leads 24/7

That’s exactly where Facebook is taking this industry, and this launch of Instagram DM automation confirms that chat marketing is not just "hanging around"...


And this isn’t some "shiny object" anymore...


It’s an established channel for marketers to help companies grow.



My goal is to help heart-centered online entrepreneurs, like you, cut through the online noise. To do that, you have to focus on the ONE thing (and ONLY one thing!) that moves the needle forward.

I truly believe that scaling your business to a 6 or 7 figure mark doesn't need to be complicated. There’s a clear path to getting there that doesn’t involve a black belt in funnels, automations, and tripwires. 

Let's systemize to scale so that you can create a life and business you love that brings more income, impact, and freedom!

Regina Grace Dela Cruz, better known as Ynna, is an accomplished Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant. Her areas of concentration for service-based entrepreneurs include visual branding, content writing, graphic design, scheduling, and engagement.

In 2020, she received her first VA certificate from a government agency. Ynna enrolled in Scale Up with Simplicity program and was mentored personally by Ms. Heart Tamayo, Founder and CEO of Stellar Media Group, to learn more about freelancing.  

Motivated by her desire to give the finest services possible to her clients, she took a leap of faith and applied to the Facebook Blueprint Coursera Scholarship Program, which she was subsequently accepted to.

She is currently enrolled in her fourth course and anticipates certification in October.

When she is not working, Ynna enjoys spending time with her family and on her mat for Yoga or HIIT workout.

My goal is to help heart-centered online entrepreneurs, like you, cut through the online noise. To do that, you have to focus on the ONE thing (and ONLY one thing!) that moves the needle forward.

I truly believe that scaling your business doesn’t need to be complicated. So, my team and I will fill the gap in doing the tasks that eat up your precious time.

Let's systemize to scale so that you can create a life and business you love!