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These days the use of virtual teaching has been widely used since the outbreak of Covid-19 situation. While this method of teaching has been happening decades ago, technology has evolved in a more advanced way.


The innovation of the internet and technology has made arrays of online courses available in the web market. Thus, creating online courses and promoting your business virtually are more competitive than ever. In this article you will learn how to do the basic outlining of your course online while scaling up your edge in the pool of competition.



Here are the steps you need to learn:


1. Choosing a Topic

In creating a course you need to choose a subject matter where you are more familiar and passionate with. This is the start of engaging your prospects. You need to feel good about your course topic to ensure that you are covering all details that your subscribers want to learn from your course.


2. Scope of Your Course

Ensure that your course is what the pool of learners wants. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort creating an outline without ensuring the high-demand market right?

Once the selection of the topic is done, research of the market follows. This is to ensure that you are covering the scope of the course the subscribers are looking for. The scope of your course will vary on the demand of the research that you have gathered.

While there might be others that sell the same service online, use your research to sell a unique brand that your prospects can use. Your scope should leverage their learning, at the same time they are earning.


3. Name Your Price

Admit it, offering a free course is one of the best strategies to attract customers. But the truth is you wouldn’t want to do it forever in this kind of business.

At some point, your best learning offer should have a price on it to get high demand of subscribers. You may give free classes with some basic study guides, but the main topic and full course outline should put an urge for your prospects to grab and buy your offer.

You can offer Paid Plans or Continuous Subscription Plans to cover an option. Give your prospects some sneak peek of each plan they avail to encourage them to sign up for your class. Take a look at [link to book a call] to know more about how we can help you sell your classes online.



4. Plan How You Want to Sell It

After your thorough consideration in pricing your offer, the next thing to do is to sell it. The world of web has made quite a few platforms where you can advertise your business to the world.

You can create your own website, or if you have not yet created one, you can book a complimentary Business Breakthrough call with one of our Business Launch Experts [link to book a call] to help guide you on the best platform to use and sell your online course.

Be sure to add short videos and an introduction to the course to engage your visitors and increase the tendency of monetizing your content.


5. Outline Your Course

At this stage, you need to take a closer look at your created content. It is the time where you plan how to group your ideas according to a theme that you have been conceptualizing.

Write down a list where you can break a lesson into different videos or patterns to ensure that you can cover all the main topics in your course content. Remember that step by step guide is what your customers want and that is what you will give them in your outlined topics.


6. Don’t Just Create a Course Create an Experience

Interacting with your students is one way to a continuous flow of referral. You need to provide them with an excellent customer experience to make them feel that aside from learning they have found a fun way to learn your course online.

  • You can set up some autoresponders for every finished lesson or set some auto-reminders in their calendars or emails to remind them of their topic.
  • Engage them with a touch base course then halfway through the course you can ask for a review and evaluation of their experience.
  • Create an online community where they can interact with you personally or to other students. Learning online is solidarity and that means they need someone to ask for more information at hand.
  • Give them an option to sign up for email listings, to get an update of your possible next availability of new courses online. At the same time, you can send them sales pages for your upcoming projects.


7. Market and Sell

Selling up your product or business online has never been that easy. You can choose a wide array of platforms available on the net. But if you don't know how to market it properly at the right place and the right way, all your efforts will be in vain.

You need to have a plan on how to launch your service on the web platform. Make a strategy plan on where and when is the right time to sell it in the market. If you don’t know how you can ask for help and guidance with us by booking a complimentary Business Breakthrough call with one of our Business Launch Experts to help guide you on how to market and sell your online course.


8. Scale Yourself Down to Scale Yourself Up

The fastest way for the growth of your business, especially a start-up one, is to edge down your offer to compete with the vast number of adversaries in the market.

An influx of enrollees will crowd your program if you get the right price and perfect discount offers. Admit it, you love seeing discounts and freebies when you are shopping. That goes the same in online classes.

Your prospect consumers are attracted to a low-cost budget that offers a high-quality structure of learning. So if you want to grow your business as a newbie, start by scaling down your price and offer a well-standardized course outline.


9. Share Your Genius!

All the planning and pricing are well managed. You have already mastered an outline that offers a great deal of discounts and learning structures. Now is the right time to share it with online learners.

Afraid to do it on your own? I know that getting out the word to advertise your service is never an easy task. It’s the best time for you to ask for help to start monetizing your effort.

Of course, asking friends and family members is convenient on your part. Same with selling it on different social media. But the truth is, you have tons of work loads to do and sometimes all you need is expert planning from professionals who can generate your income faster.




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